Community Education and Awareness

RDAP feels that educating the community on the topic of domestic and sexual assault is key to our mission. Last year there were a total of 83 presentations given, with roughly 2,860 in attendance. Prevention programs and educational presentations are available on request for schools and civic organizations, as well as other agencies. Specific topics may be requested and can be adjusted to fit a specific age group. To learn more, contact RDAP at (308) 532-0624.

For Schools

Invite RDAP to speak with your students! Our age-appropriate presentations on bullying, sexting, teen dating, and healthy relationships for older children.

Recently, teen dating violence in particular has been getting more attention in the media. It is a serious issue — studies have shown that teens age 13-18 are at high risk as they are beginning to explore dating and intimacy.  Additionally, this age group is the least likely to disclose warning signs or abuse to a friend, family member, or trusted adult and is especially unlikely to report dating violence to the police. Call RDAP at (308) 532-0624 to set up a presentation. Make a difference for our young people by getting a conversation about this difficult topic started.

Looking for a great community service project? Organize a benefit for RDAP! It’s a great way to get older kids involved in projects that “give back.” We welcome your ideas, and would be happy to brainstorm with you.

For the Workplace

The workplace is a easy target for abusers. Abuse victims and their co-workers, as well as innocent bystanders (like customers), can typically be accessed in a predictable way. If your company doesn’t have a policy regarding domestic abuse, it needs one — and we can help. Don’t wait for something bad to happen before putting a work-safety policy in place.

We can tailor our presentation to your needs, but common education presentations include domestic violence 101, sexual assault and its effects, and what to do if you suspect your employee has a problem with domestic abuse.  We can speak with large groups or small groups, management only or company-wide.

We also welcome employee fundraisers!  If you have a great idea — or need a great idea — for organizing an RDAP fundraiser, please call us.  We work with many caring local people, organizations, and businesses to set up fun events that generate support for our services.  Through our work at RDAP, this fundraising benefits local people and builds good will for your business in the community!  Plus, chances are that you will be helping — directly or indirectly — someone you know.