RDAP Support Groups

RDAP offers a variety of support groups, traditional and non-traditional for domestic abuse and sexual assault survivors and their support system of a family/friend that are 16 years old and older. 

Traditional Support Groups:    All survivors are welcome to support group.  Support group meets at our office, please call and visit with an advocate to learn more.

Non-Traditional Support Groups: Traumatic events can be difficult to express in words - artistic activities like drawing, painting, writing or sculpting clay can soothe mental tension and bring healing. We welcome you and your support system to join us as we get creative!             

Art Class - Monthly  @ 6:00 pm                                                                                                                              Art classes into 2018:  January 10th, February 7th,  March 7th, April 4th,  May 9th, and June 6th

 All of our support groups are absolutely FREE, but we ask that you pre-register for the non-traditional classes to make sure we have enough supplies and space.  Please call our office: 308.532.0624 or email: info@nprdap.org to learn more and sign up.

Heather Halligan